Buy a Generator in Silver Creek, GA

Be ready with a fallback plan by calling us for generator installation

Imagine this- a tree hits a power line. All the electricity in your neighborhood shorts out, leaving everyone in the dark, except for you. Your generator keeps going, bathing your home in light, warmth and all the electricity you could need. Wright Electrical Services, LLC installs generators so that when the power stops working, you keep going.

We complete generator installation at an affordable rate. You'll be able to make sure your family is safe during storms and transformer malfunctions. You can get large generators that power your whole home or smaller ones for a couple circuits.

Call 770-710-4125 now to request generator installation in Silver Creek, GA.

We complete the generator repair you need

We complete the generator repair you need

When you need generator repair, get in touch with our experts. We can get your generator back in full working order right away. We'll also come out for routine maintenance on your generator. Reach out to us when you need help with:

  • Upgrading your service panel
  • Adding lights around your generator
  • Installing commercial generators
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installing surge protectors
Contact us today for generator repair in Silver Creek, GA.